Tips For Server Security

Dec - 06 2016 | By


Server security is indeed a topic with great consideration as any enterprise which has a server should do all that possible so that the server can be kept very secure. The whole process of securing the server can be daunting as it needs much expertise. It is not impossible but there is a necessity for good amount of knowledge for which you may need to invest so much of time. Here are the tips that can help you in implementing server security.

It is not advised to opt for default operating system installation and configuration. With default installation, many of the network services are installed which are not used by the server. There is no need to have them as the only thing that they do is to keep your server open for more access.

It is good to avoid remote access as much as possible. The truth is that many of the times we may be accessing the server through remote access. If you are doing remote server access, make sure that the remote connection made is kept secure with the help of tunneling and encryption protocols. Remote access should even be restricted so that only specific accounts or IPs should be able to do that.