How to set an Outgoing SMTP server to avoid appearing as a Spam

Dec - 02 2016 | By


Here are some of the things you should carry out, if you have an outgoing SMTP server, or if your business involves bulk mailing with mailer inbox.

  • Own a static IP address
  • Configure SPF
  • Check blacklists
  • Configure the forward and reverse DNS resolution
  • Configure Domain keys, though it is optional.

Although the above-listed items may be unfamiliar, they are easy as indicated below.

Own a static IP address

Many internet providers cannot offer this to you as a default. You get assigned a dynamic IP address, which shifts any other time you get connected to the internet. If your connection is from a dynamic IP, your chances of getting blocked by many email servers are high. Therefore, you should call your IP provider, to request them to provide you with a static IP.

Configure the forward and reverse DNS resolution

Configuring forward and reverse DNS resolution is a must rule for any local outgoing mail SMTP server, to consider.  DNS resolution happens if a customer requests a name server to get the IP address the server intends to start a connection. If your local domain name server cannot solve the client’s request, it requires the parent server to find any server can do so.

The servers can create an authentication form, which indicates the link between the domain owner and the IP address owner, which belongs to the email SMTP server. The validation adds more your trust score.

Phishers and spammers cannot penetrate the IP because they are not ready to reveal their identity to anyone. Mostly, they utilize stolen or hijacked IP addresses and domains. No single provider can accept to register domains without verification documents.

Forward and reverse DNS resolutions function with the aid of A and PTR records. Always remember to add the records to your DNS, as they are essential in executing DNS lookups. Besides, the records enable you to work openly on the internet. You can ask your domain registrar to add the files. Therefore, become reliable with spam filters and other servers.