Dec - 06 2016

Server security is indeed a topic with great consideration as any enterprise which has a server should do all that possible so that the server can be kept very secure. The whole process of securing the server can be daunting as it needs much expertise. It is not impossible but there is a necessity for […]

Dec - 02 2016

Here are some of the things you should carry out, if you have an outgoing SMTP server, or if your business involves bulk mailing with mailer inbox. Own a static IP address Configure SPF Check blacklists Configure the forward and reverse DNS resolution Configure Domain keys, though it is optional. Although the above-listed items may […]

Aug - 19 2016

A (BIN) Bank Identification Number is nothing but a card number in the world and its identifier, for example, debit cards and credit cards, and gift cards. The Bank Identification Number can let you know the name of the financial institution which issued the card, the sort of card like Credit or Debit, variety of […]